Love doll, not sex doll

When you hear the term “sex doll”, what comes to mind? Most people envision something inflatable, intended as a gag gift, or a silicone doll with features exaggerated to impossible proportions. We call them sex dolls because that is what we assume they are intended for: created for sex and nothing more.

When referring to small dolls, they are most often described as “child sex dolls” by politicians and media outlets. What do you think of when you hear that term? The addition of the word “child” stirs up a whole different set of emotions, and the snickering quickly turns to rage–but who decides when a doll becomes a child? And who is so certain that their primary function is that of a sex toy?

Through conversations with other doll owners, I’ve noticed that very rarely does anyone refer to their doll as a “sex doll”, instead calling them by name or simply “dolls”. I don’t believe this word choice is a conscious one, but I don’t think it is completely accidental either. It may seem insignificant, but it says a lot about how the general public sees dolls vs. how doll lovers see dolls

For many of us our dolls have taken on the role of a loving partner. This relationship may be unconventional and strange but just like any relationship, sex is only a small part of what we find fulfilling from being with our chosen partner. Dolls allow us to experience the love and companionship of a relationship that for a variety of reasons we cannot or choose not to have with a traditional partner.

What is just a sex doll to most people is something so much more to someone like me. A doll is a partner and a friend. We care for and protect them, often treating them like a spouse or family member. Sex between people and their dolls is less common than you may think. We enjoy the hobby surrounding collecting and maintaining them, along with the artistry and self-expression involved in photographing them. More than anything, we love our dolls and, for that reason, they are not “sex dolls”, they are “love dolls”.

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